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Solutions by Revenue Cycle Use Case

Etyon's AI-enabled Financial Performance tools help hospital and health system leaders enhance automation practices to help key business questions around the following areas:

Front-office Denial Prediction

Predict denials prior to service to optimize front-end workflows and increase first pass payment rates.

Accounts Receivable Prioritization

Risk score every clean or denied claim in your accounts receivable every night to ensure appropriate aging policies and resource allocations across work-queues.

Staff Productivity / Touch Optimization

Know exactly how many touches and what cost resources are having on buckets or invoices to ensure optimal follow-up performance.

Order / Referral Leakage Mining

Automatically find and quantify all order mismatch and missing referral leakage across physicians, services lines.

Payment Accuracy and Scorecarding

Determine payment accuracy on mixes of claims, payers, services and denials to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement.

Registration Leakage Mining

Automatically find and quantify all registration leakage across locations, representatives and payer plans.

Automated Authorization
Status Review

Automatically audit the authorization request and delivery process to ensure all claims have appropriate authorizations prior to service.

POS Patient Estimate Accuracy

Capture more cash and financially clear more patients prior to billing.

Non-covered Leakage Mining

Automatically find and quantify dollars lost through non-covered services and claims management inefficiencies.

Vendor Placement Recovery Audit

Automatically reconcile and audit claims placed with Vendors to ensure maximum external recovery efforts.

Treasury Reserve Accuracy

Automatically determine reimbursement and recovery risk to determine accurate and consistent financial reserves.


Identify optimal discharge times, schedule staff according to acuity, and understand ordering turnaround times.


Solutions by Technology Capability

Drive your revenue cycle to be more dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent with connected data, people and processes across the revenue management process.

Data Chaining

Surface valuable insights when you collect, store, and clean your data.

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AI and MLE

Automatically find answers in your data without the need for manual analysis.

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Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) automates 75% of data insights work.

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Smart Workflows

Smarter decision support directly in your Electronic Medical Record.

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AI-Enabled financial performance tools

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