End Revenue Cycle Data Challenges for GOOD with MESH

Unify data collection and analysis in a single location, enabling both high-level and granular insights and facilitating data-sharing with all stakeholders.

Start simple, scale to sophistication

Chaining data across revenue management

Drive your revenue cycle to be more dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent with connected data, people and processes.

Provider Data

Easy integrated a large variety of EHR, ATB, Charges, Transactions  835 / 837,  Claim Scrubber, Auto Dialer,  Patient Surveys and more.

Sourced Data

Leverage our analysis of +1 billion data points and 150 Million unique transactions over 8 years to enable deep longitudinal analysis.

Patient Data

We integrate 3rd party data sets like social determinants, public records, client stakeholder interviews and more.

Community Data

Learn from your peers and enhance your performance through data insights and accurate benchmarking.


Data points integrated


Largest multi-source system integration project to date


Claims Analyzed


Years of healthcare data expertise

power in numbers

Switch to Etyon MESH and see results.

Integrated 13 different source files across 4 EMR's and 9 source systems to create one source of truth across the Enterprise.

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Data chaining

Capabilities to meet any revenue management data need.

There's no need to search for data from different sources. With Mesh we integrate and manage relevant data from all of your data sources: use it to accelerate your data-to-insight cycle time.


Surface valuable insights when you connect data from across the revenue management process.


Ensure high quality data with normalized and accurately audited data files.

Logic and Mappings

Apply industry leading denial mapping tables and other revenue cycle logic to improve data accuracy.

Cloud Hosting

Deploy our advanced cloud hosting solution to store, view and access your data asset.


Expert support to help guide you through every step in the data collection and cleaning process.

HIPAA Compliant

Etyon Mesh is a HIPAA compliant solution to meet the strict requirements of the healthcare sector.

AI-Enabled financial performance tools

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