Stop time-consuming manual data analysis with OPTIC

Supercharge what your analysts and analytical functions can do by adding Optic capabilities to your team.


Advanced storytelling, made easy.

Leverage data insights from our AI/ML and identify financial signals to drive better outcomes to automate 75% of data insights work.

Etyon supports any visual analytics tool.

Support for purpose-built integrations such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Grow, MicroStrategy and many others.

Performance Intelligence Dashboards, made easy and automatic.

View automatic visualizations of your current processes based on real-time information making reporting fast, accurate and efficient. Let us create everything or take control and easily create your own dashboards and to publish them on our online analytics portal.


We offer several options for automated performance reporting and data input using ready-made connectors.

Executive Oversight

Included are already 1000+ KPIs – so leaders won't have to waste time waiting for individual KPIs to be built to monitor and report on the state of the business.

Denials Management

Quickly act on the most important denial KPIs before potential issues or bottlenecks arise.

Accounts Receivable

Analytics to review, aging, assessed A/R risk, predicted claim outcomes and collectability while reviewing workqueue prioritization strategies for follow-up work efforts and more.

Call Center

Find long lead times, undesired call variations, sources of patient satisfaction issues, among other process inefficiencies.

Coding and CDI

Provide CDI and coding teams with actionable data to quickly uncover service line, physician and coder-specific opportunities for improved training and more.

Workflow Performance

Gain automatic, fact-based, and immediate visibility into your workflow effectiveness. Gain automatic, fact-based, and immediate visibility into all parts of your processes.

POS Collections

  Analytics to ensure capture of all posted POS payments, including undistributed payments, cash collected on prior encounters, including cash on bad debt accounts, pre-service or time of service, combined hospital/physician payments and predicted collections for future periods.

Payer Scorecards

See payer focused performance metrics and get immediate alerts of KPI breaches or sliding reimbursement processes.

Vendor Performance

Analytics to help organizations manage, evaluate, and compare vendors, including current placements, reconciliation of placements and overall collection performance.

Scheduling Center

Analyze performance metrics such as,Average Wait Times, No Show Rates, Exam Times, Total Appointment Times and more.

Bed Management

Interface with your existing Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) systems to provide real-time performance across departments and identify bottlenecks across each nursing station/department and more.

Emergency Department

Increase throughput or reduce overcrowding in the emergency department through volume and trending data.


Analytics of rate variances for same materials and vendors, understand variation in primary and secondary sales that may send erroneous signals to planners, leading to excess inventory.


Revenue cycle management analytics to maximize laboratory reimbursement for molecular diagnostics, clinical, hospital outreach labs, toxicology labs, and more.


Analytics to help increase surgeon productivity, satisfaction and to drive and represent financial and clinical improvement.

AI-Enabled financial performance tools

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