More cash per claim, less costs


Deploy algorithmic engines to automatically mine risks and opportunities, in seconds.


Use deep, actionable claim decisions across platforms and tools to drive sustainable results.

Algorithmic engines

For Hospitals

Capture more cash, reduce payment risks, streamline operations, and lower costs

For Labs

Increase service and test profitability, grow market share, eliminate portfolio risks

For Business

Automate data analysis, focus on higher quality process change
Our engines do in seconds, what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.

Undeniable results

Results don't lie. Our algorithmic approach to healthcare optimization has already driven over $400 million dollars in financial value to date for our clients.

Value is our top priority

We are a decision intelligence company, committed to producing high-quality revenue cycle best-practice information that drives real, sustainable value, for the lowest possible cost.

About us

Our moonshot, our leadership team and our vision for revenue cycle management


Amplifying the algorithmic effect with technology-enabled knowledge sharing


A technology model built streamline how leaders deploy decisions across tools.