Faster Decisions, Optimized Platforms, Lower Costs.

Our decision engines do in seconds what takes RCM analysts and consultants hours to do.

a new kind of revenue cycle service.

Etyon Health's suite of decision intelligence engines, seamlessly combine years of revenue cycle industry expertise with smart technologies to provide a powerful set of automation capabilities that enhance speed to insight and hardwiring of best practice action recommendations across your people, EMR platforms, and visual tools.

We work best with those healthcare leaders concerned about;
Lowering Costs
IT Constraints
Decision Accuracy
Analysis Speed
Limited SME
Cash Leakage
Staff Turnover

Value Discovery

Discover insights that are often overlooked by manual analysis, with faster speed, consistency, and accuracy.

Workflow Logic

Create streamlined business rules within your EMR, to lower costs and increase operational productivity.

Task Automation

Automate manual tasks that require hours of work and produce little value to maximizing reimbursements.

Best Practice Actions

Apply years of industry expertise to your data to produce action-oriented best next steps that drive performance.

KPI Enhancement

Go beyond traditional KPI's, with value-based performance measures that will transform how you manage operations.


Monitor gaps in staff performance while improving documentation with focused communication mining.

Maximize financial value, while lowering costs.

Smarter revenue cycle automation means faster diagnosis to resolution of process gaps at lower costs.

Our decision engines take the time, effort and expense out of providing consistent delivery of meaningful, expert insights to improve operations, prevent backsliding and sustain process excellence.

Learn about our Uses

Leveraging decision engines to drive value.

Deploy expertly crafted automation playbooks to get the right insights you need, when you need them, on whichever platform or visualization tool you prefer.

Etyon Matter does in seconds what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.
Automatically analyze enterprise cash opportunities, without the need for expense labor or tools.
Get tailored action steps with Matter's combined best practice and smart technology approach.
Leverage Etyon Apex to isolate and learn enterprise payment risk at your conditions change.
Etyon Apex is a scalable solution designed to meet both insurance and patient risk needs in one service.
Standardize risk measurement analysis across people, payers, patients, facilities and departments.
Best for healthcare providers seeking to streamline systems, avoid technology redundancies
Deploy insights and action flags across people. platforms and visualization tools.
Optimize labor and outsourcing strategies with more efficient work-queue automation protocols.
Financial engagement approaches to match care pathways.
Leverage Etyon Atom to create customized interactions, performance measures and engagement strategies.
Gain a better understanding of your patients financial behaviors.
Leverage Etyon Atom to market more effectively to growing patient segments.
Gain a deeper understanding of your patients financial behaviors.
Deploy meaningful population specific financial measures.
Consistently find new cash variation in contracted vs. expected reimbursement.
Develop complex models to interpret denials outcomes.

Client Results

Driving measurable business value with smart technology combined with expert revenue cycle guidance at a large integrated delivery network.


Lastly, we helped our Client collapse the time necessary to go from analysis to insights and provide enterprise-wide distribution and utilization of integrated data insights across five departments, financial and operational as well as clinical and non-clinical. Our services allow our Client to grow and elastically expand their automation needs based on when and where new business challenges present themselves.

< Balance Sheet Impact


A hospital is only as good as its foundation. Meaningful data is the foundation. Etyon Health products and services delivered results by democratizing information and insight. The first stage in helping our Client was to produce clean, gapless data along the revenue cycle information continuum, reducing the reliance on reporting resources, improving self-service access, financial transparency, and enhanced utilization through data integration.

< Return on Investment


Next, we solved fundamental revenue cycle challenges related to registration denials with algorithms that can identify systemic defects; manual analysis could not. Our algorithms were able to find and match accurate records saving time and money on back-office claims rework. These efforts lead to the hidden identification of over 300,000 claims successfully resolved and over $65,000,000 in incremental cash, in less than three years.

< Net Incremental Cash Impact

Grow your financial health with Etyon.

Our expertly crafted, decision engines are designed from the ground up to lower healthcare infrastructure costs and deliver greater value to help healthcare leaders achieve the best possible financial and patient outcomes.

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