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You know your business, your people, your systems. Get the most out of them, with Etyon

We are a artificial intelligence company, designed for healthcare financial management.

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We focus on automating revenue cycle analysis and workflow performance, to drive better, predictable financial outcomes, while lowering revenue cycle costs and increasing patient satisfaction.

An Automated Service With Elastic Benefits

By combining technology, best practice research, and years of industry consulting expertise, our revenue cycle decision-making capabilities give healthcare providers the ability analyze and deploy strategic insights, better and faster, without the need for human involvement.

how we work

A Simple Process

We make it seamless to unify, interpret and deploy the right information, to the right people, in the right context.

You send

Send us data at the frequency that is right for your organization. From quarterly, monthly or even daily.

We unify

We take the guesswork out of bringing internal or external data streams together. From internal claim data, to payer data, to operational rich text data.

We advise

We use our artificial intelligence capabilities to learn and augment your data, then combine it with our real-world healthcare finance expertise to create predictable, deployable and actionable insights.

We deliver

We deliver informed, customized insights & recommendations back to you in a format or via a platform that works best for your organization.

platform agnostic

Deploy Our Capabilities, Anywhere

Healthcare leaders gain access to the right information they need, when they need it, on whichever platform they prefer.


Augment existing visual management capabilities to consistently visualize opportunity and risk and enhance internal subject-matter-expertise.


Utilize payer decision insights as a basis to build robust, information-led contract strategies and negotiation discussions.


Automatically embed decision recommendations and flags into systems of record (SoR) to streamline, hardwire and automate dynamic workflows.


Use clustering and segmentation decision insights as a basis to deploy customized population based engagement strategies.


Believe In
Smart Automation

We enable our cloud-based A.I. services "the brain", with modern advances in cognitive sciences to augment human expertise and hardwire it across deployed technology systems.

View Use Cases
case study

Identifying and driving $60M in yield and $280M in A/R reduction in 24 months, with automation at large integrated delivery network.

value creation

Using A.I In The Real World

How we identified and resolved denial opportunities with artificial intelligence at a large integrated delivery network.

the Problem

Systemic defect patterns

hidden across systems

the solution

Hardwired proactive

denial prevention into SoR

the Results

Achieved 7.5X ROI

in under 3 years