We apply practical automation, to revenue cycle management.

Quickly find answers to critical questions hidden in financial and payer data to unlock business value in days not months. Use our best-practice framework to hit your revenue, cash, account receivable and cost goals, every time.

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Data. Automate query, integration and quality tasks.
Intelligence. Automate routine data analysis functions with MLE.
Workflow. Leverage RPA to streamline workflows.

We do in seconds what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.

Using innovative AI and machine learning technology, we uncover intelligence in data that delivers best-practice insights, to help measure, monitor, manage, and grow your revenue cycle like never before. Know everything – from objective KPI metrics to actionable claim recommendations to automated workflows for improved follow-up efficiency. Save time, grow revenue and capture more cash.

Use our best-practice framework to drive sustainable front, middle and back office processes.

With over 40 years of revenue cycle management experience, we are experts at deploying automation where it is needed most to capture incremental revenue, reduce financial losses and hardwire processes to prevent leakage backsliding.

We use A.I. practically in these areas;

Revenue Management
Help uncover revenue opportunities across portfolios, services and test mixes.
Denials Management
Proactively identify root-cause denial leakage areas for continuous improvement.
A/R Management
Optimize account follow-up, vendor outsourcing, reserves and policy strategies.
Productivity Management
Maximize staffing levels, compensation models and incentive strategies.
Treasury Management
Accurately forecast revenue, expenses and cash flow to maximum cash management.
Contract Management
Swiftly identify underpayment and payment variation across payers and services.
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Trusted by the leading healthcare providers, labs and companies including:

Deploying automation practically, to drive meaningful RCM value.

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