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Community-driven algorithms that make revenue cycle people, platforms and tools smarter to generate more revenue per service, and capture more cash per claim. For less money.


Our engines do in seconds, what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.

Fast, Algorithmic Best-practice Decisions

We create scalable and highly repeatable best-practice data analysis models, using community-driven machine learning algorithms, to automatically analyze massive amounts of claim data and provide prescriptive insights and actions for every claim, in seconds. Our decision engines are 100X faster and for 60% less cost than traditional manual and point-solution approaches.

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Powered with Technology-enabled Knowledge Sharing

Our smart revenue cycle community amplifies the effects of cross-provider learning which allows us to works through problems, learn, and helps each other save time and money along the way.

Just like current community benchmarking, our smart community learns from each other by applying our decision engines in a hub approach that leverages meta-outcome learnings of each provider to drive improved process variation, risk decision, claim recommendation by making the algorithms smarter over time. Better day, better benchmarking and a community of learnings.

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It's the automated analysis of the future that saves you 70% in the process.