We are healthcare revenue cycle experts who develop purpose-driven products and services for decision management, activity automation, text-mining and predictive analytics.
Drive More Cash

Automatically identify new revenue opportunities

Say goodbye to the old way of analyzing data manually. Say hello to a whole new way to spot opportunities. Etyon's advanced algorithms give you the power to automatically identify areas of opportunity without the need for human involvement.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Proactively predict and resolve denial pain-points

Understand and predict your financial risk across your enterprise in seconds, with a decisioning ecosystem that can scale with any claim volume and any processing frequency at a low cost.

Enhance Patient Experiences

Enable tailored patient financial journeys

Create customized interactions, performance measures and engagement strategies with a better understanding of your patients financial behaviors with Etyon.

Automate Manual Tasks

Embed intelligence across the systems you deploy

Build the information structure you need in Etyon, then deploy it dynamically within your platforms and tools. Whatever you’re needs are, Etyon has the flexibility you need.

Powerful, flexible capabilities to capture new cash opportunities and drive operational efficiency

Think of us like a consultant; expect fully automated, faster, more accurate, and far less expensive. We make it seamless to unify, interpret and deploy the right information, to the right people, in the right context.

You Send.

Put your data to work by sending it to us at the frequency that is right for your organization. From quarterly, monthly or even daily.

We Unify.

We take the guesswork out of bringing internal or external data streams together. From internal claim data, to payer data, to operational rich text data.

We Advise.

We use artificial intelligence capabilities to augment your data, and create predictable, deployable, actionable insights.

We Deliver.

We deliver informed, customized insights & action recommendations back to you in a format or via a platform that works best for your organization.

Spot New

Our capabilities allow our partners to automatically find new revenue opportunities.

Predict &
Mitigate Risk

We are used to identify and predict financial risk faster, consistently and more cost efficiently.

Create Operational Efficiencies

Our insights can be deployed across platforms and tools to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Our population insights are can be used to enhance patient experiences and payer engagement practices.

Deploying our capabilities

Healthcare leaders gain access to the right information they need,
when they need it, on whichever platform they prefer.


Etyon services make it easy for any person or system to become subject matter experts and increase their speed to outcomes.


We use powerful algorithms to create models by finding patterns in your existing data and learn from them overtime.


Etyon insights and action recommendations are deployable across workflow and visualization tools to efficiently scale SME.


With Etyon, there is no upfront  investment, and your monthly subscription allows you to start small and scale to meet your needs.

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