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AI-Assisted Financial Determinations


We use decision algorithms and machine learning to provide insight into
operational gaps, uncover revenue at risk, manage A/R, and identify specific opportunities for progress and process improvement, in seconds.

Be data-driven

Our A.I. doesn’t have an interface and that’s a good thing! Find out how for free today!

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Partnering with leading center's of excellence

It has never been easier to be data-driven.

With Etyon Health, you get fast, accurate decisions, in the tools you need them, to improve performance and sustain processes, in seconds. Get your healthcare insights, make the right decisions and act upon them more efficiently than ever.

Better Data

Integration of disparate internal and external open source data improves data-driven performance and informational quality.

Faster Information

A.I-powered decision engines deliver 10X faster best practice actions than doing traditional internal or external analysis.

Native Integration

Embedding enriched content into existing EMR workflows and tools substantially lowers budget costs by 60%.

Explore our healthcare focus
How we we do it for our clients?

From integration to exploration, to action, embedded intelligence engines act like digital-brains, which predict and prescribe actionable claim content and put that content to work across multiple platforms and tools; including EMRs, visual analytics tools, and management reports, in seconds.


Automatically analyze data, lighting fast.

Our A.I-enabled algorithms can do in seconds, .01 to be exact, what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.


Define the exact level of issues and opportunities.

Ensure everyone on a team, and the tools deployed across an enterprise are all producing high quality, expert decisions, 100% of the time.


Score the importance of everything. Is it valuable?

Our expertly crafted content can be embedded across platforms and tools, to lower budget costs and streamline outcomes.

See Our Decisions Engines
Business cases

What can our decision engines help solve?

Our "digital-brains" work in our data-cloud or our partners data marts and do the heavy analysis automatically across many healthcare use-cases - focusing on what matters, in seconds.

Finding What
To Fix

You miss on process improvement opportunity, e.g. you don’t focus on the 80%.

Denial Risk

React fast to changes in payor responses and reimbursement structures.

Patient Payment

Patients pay better or worse than key retail segments, e.g. stop using costly FICO.


Some of your process start to perform worse - it’s probably time to hardwire them.

Receivable Value

Align payment risk, labor resources and maximize placement strategies.

Optimizing Outsourced Placements

You need to maximize the margin and cost benefit of placing claims with outsourcers.

Payment Fraud

Stop billing fraud, excess services, patient i.d. fraud and more before it happens.

Staff Productivity

You are over or under staffed and need to maximize efficiency per claim.

Benchmark Variation

There is an unusual drop or growth of your important metrics.

cost-to-zero mission

It saves a lot of money, up to 60% of traditional spend and optimizes multiple healthcare processes.

Data Integration

Gather disparate data from across source marts to form the source of truth for deep insight exploration.

Data Analysis

Let algorithms make accurate, repeatable data-driven decisions, built and tested on lots of data by healthcare experts.

Workflow Technology

Why work outside your core EMR when you can work optimized within it with the right, expertly crafted, prescriptive content.

Visual Insights

Get valuable analytic stories effortlessly in the visual platform that works best for you, eg. Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI.

>$400M in value driven to date

Partner Success Metrics

Accounts Recievable Optimization

$4B Midwest provider was able to risk stratify $250M in insurance receivables in 1 day leveraging Etyon Apex; identified $8M in at-risk payments.

Process Root-Cause Identification

$1.2B east coast provider used Etyon Matter to detect improvement focus areas for new two acquisitions, identifying $13M in opportunity in 3 days.

Registration Denial Improvement

$7B blue chip provider uses Etyon Apex to automatically find and re-bill registration denials timely; reducing denial write-offs by $65M in two years.

Self-Pay Payment Optimization

West coast patient financing company and their client's leverage Etyon Apex and Atom to determine optimal payment strategies on over 5M lives.

Embedded Intelligence

The Decision Engines

Our machine learning algorithms are built to scale seamlessly across healthcare providers so that we can pass on the cost savings in the form of lower subscriptions. More value and lower costs for patients.

Matter Engine

Automatically analyze, find and predict broken processes leading to revenue loss, bad-debt and dissatisfaction.

Apex Engine

Predict denial and patient payment risk, without the need for 3rd party credit data fees or expensive analytic tools.

Atom Engine

Understand the social determinants’ of patients and how they engage, pay and utilize healthcare services.

Halo Engine

Determine fraud related activities such as patient id, billing for services not rendered, and excessive services.

Ion Engine

Reduce manual touch-points and align labor costs with more effective internal and external work strategies.

Wave Engine

Reduce physician variation, by finding where it is, which physicians, what financial impacts it has, and how to fix it.

Solar Engine

Optimize decisions you about the physical resources you have to meet inpatient throughput cycles.

Prism Engine

Compare "real" value produced across payers, services lines, processes and departments.

Node Engine

Transform raw data into a meaningful, integrated and easily digestable format for quality analysis.

We're Changing The Way Decisions Are Made


Gathering & Analyzing - 80% of time

Healthcare leaders spend time asking IT for data, running SQL queries to design one-off reports, putting together excel tables and static dashboards.

Low Hanging Fruit - The 20%

Having limited repeatable subject-matter-expertise and being time constrained, leaders can only focus on the big-glaringly apparent issues and opportunities and never

Etyon | Health

Action - 100% of the time

Leadership and staff get actionable insights extracted from the organization's data, in seconds, and sorted by importance and value at the claim level.

No need to explore data anymore - our engines allow leaders to go straight to explaining it and acting on it.

Average Pricing

Choose Your Plan

Simply connect your data marts or send us your stand-alone files and let our algorithms do the rest. Whether you want decisions on 1,000 claims or 1,000,000 claims, our engines can scale to meet any need.

Data Integration

/ per month
Up to 3 Source Marts
250,000 Patient Lives
Multi-Source Integration
No Cloud Hosting
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Decision Engines

/ per month
Up to 2 Engines
Unlimited Claim Scoring
Content Integration
No Technology Setup
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Visual Management

/ per month
Multi-Tool Support
6 Storyboards
Unlimited Q&A
Expert Support
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Our Vision

At Etyon Health, we realized that healthcare revenue cycle management was full of hidden opportunities, so we set out to fix this critical problem by finding more efficient ways to scale and deploy subject-matter-expertise.

So we started Etyon Health to create technology that could connect, transform and analyze data simultaneously, to eliminate many, unnecessary and time consuming manual activities. What we found is that we could also displace many bolt-on technologies in the process, using advanced AI and deploying our content across many platforms and tools.

Today, Etyon Health provides cutting-edge technology to help healthcare leaders accelerate analysis times and cut budget costs while improving operational outcomes. We are servants at heart and look forward to partnering with all of those ready to transform RCM together.

Derek Foster - Founder & ceo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Embedded Intelligence?

From integration to exploration, to decisions, embedded intelligence engines act like digital-brains, which predict and prescribe actionable content and put that content to work across multiple platforms and tools, including EMRs, visual performance tools, and management reports, in seconds.

How much faster is it than manual analysis?

Our artificial intelligence can process 100K claims and make a recommendation at the claim level in 10 seconds. That means healthcare providers can focus on the processes that matter, not on repeatable, time-sensitive work.

Can I get started with a free proof-of-concept?

Yes!!! We have made it pretty simple for our partners to get started. We need a simple data set, and we will perform a free data-driven opportunity review on us. After that, it is a simple monthly subscription. Still, have a question? Contact us.

What data sources do you use?

Our engines us a variety of data elements, including ADT, 270, ATB, 835, social determinants and a variety of open source data sets. The more data an organization can give us the better, but we can work with what you have access to.

Why does it cost so much less?

Scaling decisions across many providers allow each provider to leverage the repeatability of the process. This enables us to pass on the cost savings to our partners in the form of much lower prices than the competition.

We usually find 100's of impactful insights for our clients, and it only takes us minutes. Get yours free.

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