Etyon Health is a best-practice decision intelligence company, purposely built to automate healthcare data analysis and operational decision making for revenue cycle leaders who want to save time and money while increasing revenue per patient and capturing more cash per claim.
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Algorithmic solutions driven by AI for every type of revenue cycle leader

Purposely built to help simplify how healthcare leaders make strategic revenue cycle decisions, faster, and set them on a path to sustainable, low-cost financial performance.

Data-driven revenue and cost opportunities.

Grow and support areas of increased revenue opportunity, while appropriately aligning cost structures on lower margin activities.

Deep, accurate process performance insights.

Proactively understand and mitigate process breakdowns across the revenue cycle leading to reimbursement losses.

Increase margin on A/R portfolios.

Accurately manage and predict accounts receivable payment risk and associated bad debt reserve methodologies.

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We have no software interface, so our best-practice claim insights are embedded into existing tools and platforms that help you drive daily operational and reporting activities.

Optimize Process Improvement Efforts

Quickly and accurately find front and back office processes leading the reimbursement losses and patient dissatisfaction.

Risk stratification of accounts receivables.

Automatically understand and predict payment risk to appropriately triage and manage open claims.

Improved labor and staff touch productivity.

Maximize staff productivity and touch performance with increasing visibility into resolution and turnover rates.

Ensure service performance and profitability.

Optimize services and test level margins with deep insights into revenue cycle administrative cost activities.

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Algorithmic, machine learning models designed to automatically analyze big-data and prescribe actionable insights per claim, with high efficiency.

Leverage pre-trained algorithm models.

Gain access to 100's of best-practice algorithm models, built by revenue cycle subject-matter-experts.

Leverage tech-enabled knowledge transfer.

Community-driven knowledge sharing allows for rapid learning and adjustment of models across providers.

Embed in multiple visual management tools.

Deploy our enriched content in the visual analytic or business intelligence platform of your choice.

Work within your existing data structures.

Integrate our enriched data structures directly within your revenue cycle data marts to be used across the enterprise.

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The Undeniable Algorithmic Difference.

Our algorithmic decision engines do in seconds what takes analysts and consultants hours to do. On average our clients see a 65% reduction in operational improvement costs, 2% uplift in denial cash and a 4 day reduction in receivable days. Our approach has already driven over $350,000,000 in financial value to date for our partners.

Our moonshot is to help our healthcare partners achieve maximize revenue cycle performance, for the lowest possible cost.

In the same way that Quicken and TurboTax made home finance more automated and less complex for consumers, Etyon Health’s mission is to radically simplify the revenue cycle side of the house for healthcare providers. Our algorithmic decision engines serve as a financial flywheel for revenue cycle leaders, helping them continuously improve how they plan, analyze and improve key RCM activities.
Why Etyon Health

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

At Etyon Health, our passion is your revenue cycle experience. If you ever feel we've missed the mark, let us know. We'll maright

No long-term Commitments.

Worried about long-term contracts and not getting a return on investment? We do 12 month subscriptions and prove a return in as little as 4 weeks.

How our service works?


We'll plug-in your data files.

Either plug our algorithmic decision engines into your existing data assets, or we can help rapidly create foundational data infrastructure, join logic, and data verification, at scale.


We'll auto-analyze with our engines.

After linking to your revenue cycle data, we use community-driven AI and machine learning algorithms to transform massive amounts of claim data into actionable insights, lighting fast.


We'll embed actionable insights.

The best part, since our algorithmic engines don't have a user interface, we use our embedded intelligence model to help interoperate our insights across multiple platforms and tools.

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Etyon Health's Matter Engine gives us the strategic tool necessary to quickly identify process breakdowns. What used to takes us month's of manual analysis, now takes us just minutes.

- Dominic W, Pathnostics

We are redefining how we lower cost-to-collect, while delivering high performance revenue cycle solutions for healthcare leaders looking for sustainability and growth in the their operations.

- Derek F, Etyon Health

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