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Financial impact identified and realized with Etyon decision engines
Etyon Health is a cloud-based decision technology company that uses sophisticated, A.I-enabled algorithms and advanced business logic to simplify how hospitals and healthcare systems make decisions that positively impact financial and patient outcomes.

Focus Areas.

Our healthcare expertise is focused exclusively on building scalable decisioning to lower cost-to-collect, increase revenue, reduce losses and increase patient satisfaction in the following areas...


Identifying Missing or Inaccurate Coverage
Finding and Fixing Insurance Denials
Focusing Insurance Collection Efforts
Identifying and Managing Coding Variances
Maximizing Margins on Vendor Placements


Increasing Patient Payments and Reducing Bad-Debt Write-offs
Tailoring Patient / Provider Engagement and Customer Service
Enhancing Patient / Provider Communication
Enhancing Market Segmentation


Reducing Care Variation
Streamlining Patient Throughput


Improving Value Based Revenue Cycle Measurement
Measuring and Improving Population Value
Monitoring Staff Productivity
...and with more than 7 million lives analyzed, and over $300M in value driven, Etyon Health has used it's data-driven decision engines to positively impact both the patient lives and financial results of our clients.

Why we are here.

Today’s revenue cycle is overwhelmed with redundant manual processes, costly supporting technology and overpriced "best-practice" consulting services and internal staff that are tasked daily, with making 1,000’s of manual decisions, timely, without error, to positively effect financial and patient satisfaction outcomes. More often that not, this leads to silo'd information, many preventable process errors...
...denied claims, bad debt, unhappy patients and high cost-to-collect. So in 2014, that became our why, and we partnered with a global IDN leader to get started and use automated data analysis to eliminate as much redundant service and technology costs from the revenue cycle as possible, while increasing financial outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Data.

We use the latest industry-leading technologies to transform internal and external data into immediately actionable information and scores for multiple leadership levels, in seconds...
...leveraging a lot of powerful machine learning algorithms, that automatically do deep, repeatable analysis and predictions, other platforms, tools and people can’t. 
Our A.I-enabled decision engines do in seconds, what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.

The Engines.

We take the time, effort and expense out of providing consistent delivery of meaningful, expert insights to improve operations, prevent financial backsliding and sustain process excellence.
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Matter Engine

Matter is a "consultant-in-a-box" and among all deployed systems and resources, automatically finds and predicts broken processes leading to revenue loss, bad-debt and patient dissatisfaction.

Apex Engine

Takes provider account data and predicts insurance carrier and patient payment risk, without the need for 3rd party transaction fees or expensive "predictive" analytic tools.

Atom Engine

Understands the ‘core makeup’ of retail-based patient populations and their preferences, their needs, how they engage, pay and utilize healthcare services.

Ion Engine

Measures the minutia of notes and conversations that ‘float around’ a hospitals EMR, customer service and contract systems related to patient and payer claim resolution.

Solar Engine

Ensures you are keeping pace with patient demand by optimizing the decisions you make about the physical resources you have to meet inpatient throughput cycles.

Prism Engine

Compares value created by RCM, across service lines, payers, departments, and segments by measuring and normalizing VB indicators.

Wave Engine

Helps reduce physician variation, by finding where it is, which physicians, what downstream financial impacts it has, and how to fix it.

The Integration.

We are on a cost-to-zero mission, so we don’t believe in selling more expensive, redundant software interfaces. Our unique deployment method gives healthcare leaders the ability to embed insights and scores via flat-file, API, HL7, or ETL, across multiple EMR's, departments, dashboards, scorecards, and presentation types, amplifying revenue cycle’s ability to scale faster, more accurate, predictable insights and drive more business process automation with less cost.

The Benefits.

With expert insights and scores in multiple systems, tools, processes and departments, we help hospitals build custom business process automation rules, flags, logic, scripts, and policies so they have all the revenue cycle tools to support daily operations and meet their patient demands, their way.

Fast speed-to-insight

Automatically finds and prioritizes the here and now of denials, under and overpays, bad debt process issues that are often overlooked by manual analysis and surfaces how your financial performance is improving or worsening while minimizing jargon and presenting expert information in visual and digestible ways.

Streamlined Workflows

Support your revenue cycle workflows with light weight smart decisions embedded directly in your EMR, to reduces touch-points and hardwire actionable business rules, while reducing manual activities and lowering costs.

Better engagement

Understand and manage how visit type, population groups, and financial results are related so you can tailor patient engagement, marketing, and service strategies to improve payments and patient satisfaction.

Lower Costs

We can do for 1/8 of the cost, what most workflow, consultants, and analytics providers try to, all while constantly learning and optimizing RCM decisions that drive your daily business operations and patient interactions.

Flexible Subscriptions.

Decisions when you need them, where you need them.
If you are a healthcare leader who is tired of paying for overpriced consulting or expensive bolt-on technologies, Etyon Health has the answer.

Health Transformer.

We are a health transformer teaming up with the healthcare transformer community around the globe to change healthcare for the betterment of it patients.