Optimize Revenue, Reduce Costs and Enhance the Patient Experience.

We help healthcare leaders identify, improve and manage financial and patient outcomes, faster, by seamlessly integrating years of healthcare expertise with powerful automation, at scale, for lower costs, resulting in hundreds of millions of value driven to date.
Our A.I-enabled decision engines do in seconds, what takes analysts and consultants hours to do.

Faster insight-to-action

A.I-based engines deliver 10X faster decisions than doing traditional analysis.

Technology + experts

Always on technology, backed by expert recommendations drive measurable ROI.

Built to lower costs

Integration into existing workflows and technologies substantially lowers costs.

ROI guaranteed

We deliver a 7X ROI in 12 months guaranteed, with visible ROI in as little as 4 weeks.

Focus Areas

Healthcare expertise focused exclusively on combining action-enabled data solutions, with proven healthcare practices, that allow our clients to drive more value, with their own data, inside existing systems, for less cost.

Automate Your Analysis

Uncover new opportunities faster, more accurately
Our decision engines act like a digital-brain that can do what healthcare "best-practice" analysts and consultants do, but in seconds. Whether you're analyzing insurance denials, self-pay risk, contract under/over payments, care pathway variation, or process root-cause errors, we offer lighting fast, accurate, predictable insights and recommendations to manage day-to-day operations.

Reduce Patient Payment Collection Costs

We help reduce patient payment costs by up to 60%
Collecting and managing patient payments should not be expensive or require high-priced risk analytics, workflow tools or 3rd party data costs. We equip healthcare leaders with the decision intelligence they need to make expert patient payment decisions based on their data and integrated within their daily EHR workflows and financial reporting processes.

Reduce Denial Management Costs

Reduce denial identification and management costs by up to 60%
We don't believe understanding and managing insurance denials should be time-consuming, labor intensive or expensive. We equip healthcare leaders with predictive and prescriptive denial intelligence to prevent and reduce insurance denial write-offs with actions, scores, recommendations, and flags integrated within their daily EHR workflows and financial reporting processes.

Decision Enable Your EHR

Embed intelligence that drives streamlined workflows
With Etyon, there is no need for bolt-on workflows outside your EHR. Our unique deployment method gives healthcare leaders the ability to integrate decision insights and scores, across multiple EHR's to streamline workflows, reduce manual touches and create the business process automation they need, without the high cost, asset heavy supporting infrastructure.

Focus Collection Efforts

Focus on what matters and capture 15% more payments 
Whether it's insurance, self-pay or outsourced collection efforts, our engines provide the right mix of cost, risk, and opportunity margin, so healthcare leaders can ensure they are maximizing collection productivity, labor costs and vendor placements, while balancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

Enrich Patient Outcomes

Reduce care variation and increase satisfaction by 10%
Managing patient outcomes includes financial services, marketing, patient throughput, care management and customer service, so our engines are built to help healthcare leaders understand who their patients are, the processes affecting their care and experience and how to manage better satisfaction outcomes.


We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver unbeatable results; to lower costs, increase revenue, reduce write-offs and increase patient outcomes. With more than 75 million outcomes analyzed, and over $320,000,000 in value driven, Etyon Health has used it's data-driven decision engines to positively impact both the patient lives and financial results of our clients. 

Why we are here.

Today’s revenue cycle is overwhelmed with redundant manual processes, costly supporting technology and overpriced "best-practice" consulting services and internal staff that are tasked daily, with making 1,000’s of manual decisions, timely, without error, to positively effect financial and patient satisfaction outcomes. More often that not, this leads to silo'd information, many preventable process errors...
...denied claims, bad debt, unhappy patients and high cost-to-collect. So in 2014, that became our why, and we partnered with a global IDN leader to get started and use automated data analysis to eliminate as much redundant service and technology costs from the revenue cycle as possible, while increasing financial outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Our cloud-based engines can connect data across the healthcare spectrum and transform it into immediately actionable information and scores for multiple leadership levels, in seconds,
.01 to be exact.
Scaling data-driven engines across the healthcare community saves extensive time and money, as hospitals don't have to invest in and hire expensive staff, IT infrastructures, calculation methods, or spend time training staff to master industry subject-matter-expertise each time they want to do analysis, hardwire a process or manage a patient population. We can deliver the expertise needed faster, more accurately and efficiently.

The Engines

Our eco-system of powerful engines can either work solo or seamlessly together to not only create data additional elements, but actually close the loop to encouraging "action" or appropriately impacting a care provider's behavior in order to improve financial and clinical outcomes. 

Matter Engine

With Matter, you can automatically analyze, find and predict broken processes leading to revenue loss, bad-debt and patient dissatisfaction among all deployed systems, resources, and process workflows.

Apex Engine

With Apex you can takes account data and predict insurance denial and patient payment risk, without the need for 3rd party transaction fees or expensive "predictive" analytic tools.

Atom Engine

With Atom, you can understand the ‘core behavioral makeup and social determinants’ of patient populations and their preferences, their needs, how they engage, pay and utilize healthcare services.

Ion Engine

With Ion, you can measure the minutia of notes and conversations that ‘float around’ the EMR, customer service notes and contract systems related to patient and payer claim resolution.

Solar Engine

With Solar, you can ensure you are keeping pace with patient demand by optimizing the decisions you make about the physical resources you have to meet inpatient throughput cycles.

Prism Engine

With Prism, you can compare value created by revenue cycle or clinical departments across service lines, payers, departments, and segments by measuring and normalizing value-based indicators.

Wave Engine

With Wave, you can reduce physician variation, by finding where it is, which physicians, what downstream financial impacts it has, and how to fix it.
In addition to all the engines, we also have a bot, his name is Rover, he supports our decision engines and helps us with various tasks, so we can do things smarter, faster, and be more productive.


We are on a cost-to-zero mission, so we don’t believe in selling more expensive, redundant software interfaces.
Our unique deployment method empowers healthcare leaders with the ability to rapidly deploy insights across multiple workflow, analytic and supporting tools. The goal is to move beyond software solutions that are simply generating more data and to push healthcare towards platforms and tools that use integrated information embedded in workflows and technologies that easily help the provider make the right choices, faster, to improve process outcomes.


The benefits of using decisions engines are endless and we are just getting started amplifying our clients ability to deliver faster speed-to-insights, greater accuracy, streamlined workflows, better engagement, and lower costs. 

Faster speed-to-insight

Automatically find and prioritize the here and now of denials, under and overpays, bad debt process issues 10X faster and that is often overlooked by error-prone manual analysis and presenting expert information in visual and digestible ways.

Streamlined Workflows

Support your revenue cycle workflows with light weight smart decisions embedded directly in your EMR, to reduces touch-points and hardwire actionable business rules, while reducing manual activities and lowering costs.

Better Patient Engagement

Understand and manage how visit type, population groups, and financial results are related so you can tailor patient engagement, marketing, and service strategies to improve payments and patient satisfaction.

Lower Costs

We can do for 1/8 of the cost, what most workflow, consultants, and analytics providers try to, all while constantly learning and optimizing RCM decisions that drive your daily business operations and patient interactions.


Better information when you need it, where you need it.
We've got your back. We don't take a percentage of your improvement gains or require long-term contracts, so if you are a healthcare leader who is tired of paying for overpriced consulting or expensive bolt-on technologies, Etyon Health has the answer.


In 2017 we partnered with Startup Health and became part of an army of health transformers around the globe to tackle a cost-to-zero moonshot in healthcare. We believe to sustain patient excellence in the years to come, hospital and healthcare systems revenue cycles need to find more cost efficient ways to deliver the supporting tools necessary to service patients with the highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost.

Let's use data to transform healthcare together!