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Streamlining the course of healthcare performance.

Our engines are built for data processing, calculation, and automated reasoning on front, middle and back-office revenue cycle processes to increase annual net patient revenue, decreased denials leading to reduced avoidable write-offs and accelerate cost reductions.

90% of the battle is getting to the right information

For Process Improvement

Actionable claim insights, to quickly adjust denial decisions, A/R, staffing and process improvement efforts.

For Analytics & Strategy

Automated, scalable, pre-trained best-practice decision algorithms that give high, focused, repeatable accuracy.

For Workflow Hardwiring

Enriched data attributes designed to optimize work-queue and work-list segmentation, staff routing and more.


Multi-process Impact Structure

Portfolio Optimization

With our Spectro Engine, leader can maximize test and service mix revenue based on factors such as expected return, minimizes costs and mitigates financial risk.

Access Optimization

With our Matter and Apex Engines, leaders can improve the speed at which they make preventative decisions to optimize resource utilization and patient workflows .

DNFB Optimization

With out Matter Engine, leaders should expect a 1-2 reduction in DFNB days with an integrated view of data, enhanced process visibility and potential workflow issues.

Denials Management

With our Matter Engine, leaders should expect a 1-2% net patient revenue uplift by managing denials more effectively with the Etyon Health approach.

A/R Management

With our Apex Engine, leaders should expect a 2-3 day reduction in A/R and a 1-2 day reduction in unbilled or DNFB days. with the Etyon Health approach.

Patient Payment

With our Polar Engine, leaders should expect a 3-7% reduction in patient bad debt and 5 days reduction in A/R with the Etyon Health approach.

Payer Performance

With our Prism Engine, leaders should expect a payment percentage increase of 2% utilizing our approach to improving contract variation and performance.

Labor Optimization

With our Lumen Engine, Healthcare leaders should expect a 15% increase in employee productivity and 10% reduction in labor costs with our approach.

Patient Experience

With our X-ray Engine, healthcare leaders should see a 5% increase in patient satisfaction utilizing the social determinate approach to experience optimization.

Cash Management

With our Cosmic Engine, leaders can monitor and measure the accuracy of cash forecasts across all areas of a forecast with drill down department and service / test line item detail.

Remote Analytics

With our Radar Services we provide  analytics outsourcing to help increase margins and lower costs, while delivering high-impact data analysis capabilities for less costs.

Data Management

With our Continuum Data Services, we integrate, normalize and structure data to create powerful data assets that can serve as the source of truth across enterprises.


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