Transform data into INSIGHTS in seconds with PRISM

Proprietary AI technology that continuously gathers insights from across the revenue management process to discover bottlenecks, process deviations, rework, and other hidden issues. With Prism, you will speed up your improvement and claims resolution journey tremendously.

What-if analyses that used to take all day are done in seconds with Etyon Prism, with zero risk of mistakes.

Moving from insights to outcomes.

Make faster, data-driven decisions using thousands of AI-enriched insights across your healthcare enterprises, from end-to-end, allowing you to focus and invest tactical resources and efforts on the right opportunities to drive strategic business growth.

Process Mining Engine
"finds gaps in your workflows"

Prediction Engine
"predict denials at time of scheduling"

Recommendation Engine
"tell you which claims to work and by whom"

Using AI and MLE to analyze data automatically

Transform complex inputs into actionable recommendations with embedded optimization, predictive algorithms, and AI capabilities, to speed decision-making across many revenue cycle use cases allowing you to focus your process improvement efforts, decrease follow-up touches and fix many other process inefficiencies.

AI and MLE

Derive recommendations instantly for many complicated use cases:

Decrease time spent in defining, measuring, and analyzing issues and spend more time on improving and controlling your processes. Our solutions effectively change the way healthcare organizations think - from late fixes to preventive actions.

Process Workflow
Revenue Leakage
Account Auditing
Staff Productivity
Patient and Staff Statisfaction
Vendor Effectiveness
AI-Enabled financial performance tools

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