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The Right Data.

The Right Decisions.

The Right Stories.

The Right Workflows.

If you don't already have the right data foundational we'll help to make sure you do.
We'll use our Ai to consistently analyze your data with high accuracy.
We'll help you use our insights inside visual analytics and craft best-in-class user stories.
We'll help you use our insights in the workflow platforms you use to drive operational value.

Algorithmic, machine learning decision engines for healthcare revenue cycle management.

Our algorithmic engines act like digital-brains: supporting decision makers by automatically gathering and analyzing data, identifying and diagnosing problems, proposing possible courses of action and evaluating such proposed actions.

Denials Mitigation

With our Matter Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 1-2% net patient revenue uplift by managing denials more effectively with the Etyon Health approach.

Patient Payment Maximization

With our Polar Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 3-7% reduction in patient bad debt and 5 days reduction in A/R with the Etyon Health approach.

Account Receivable Acceleration

With our Apex Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 2-3 day reduction in A/R and a 1-2 day reduction in unbilled or DNFB days. with the Etyon Health approach.

Payer Performance Management

With our Prism Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a payment percentage increase of 2% utilizing the Etyon Health approach.

Labor and Productivity Optimization

With our Lumen Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 15% increase in employee productivity and 10% reduction in labor costs with our approach.

Service and Test Profitability Management

With our Spectro Engine, healthcare leaders can understand charge level insights, test Level profitability, client level insights and test level benchmarking.

Patient Experience Improvement

With our X-ray Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 5% increase in patient satisfaction utilizing our social determinate approach to patient experience.

Powered with community-driven, technology-enabled knowledge sharing.

Just because you aren't the same as everyone else, doesn't mean we help you learn from everyone else.

Our smart revenue cycle community amplifies the effects of cross-provider learning which allows us to works through problems, learn, and helps each other save time and money along the way.
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Better Data

We help fill in gaps in your data when you might need additional information from the broader community.

Better Benchmarks

Traditional benchmarks are to macro-level, so we use our community model to benchmark more granularly at the service line, payer and process level.

Better Logic

Access to improved process variation, risk decision, claim recommendation by making the algorithms smarter over time.

Community Learnings

Our approach allows us to learn about performance issues from the community (i.e., elevated payer and service line risk.

Driving more value, faster, with less software and people.

We process our intelligent decision algorithms on a monthly, weekly or nightly basis depending on the use case we are solving. Our intelligent decision algorithms are purposely built to replicate human intelligence and reduce the time between analysis and decision availability and increasing the ability to share information across multiple platforms and tools.

No Interface

The best interface is no interface. We natively integrate, which means no installation, training or downtime.

Pre-trained models

Utilize expertly crafted algorithm models, pre-trained to produce immediate results at be 95% accurate.

Embedded RCM Expertise

Our algorithms are programmed by RCM experts having historically analyzed over 10M patient lives and 100 million financial outcomes.

Interoperable Content

Every algorithm output can be shared accurately, via ETL, API or HL7, eliminating redundant and time-consuming interoperability challenges.

Do more for your revenue cycle, for less.

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