Our cost-to-zero moonshot

Etyon Health was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective; eliminate all consultants and bolt-on technologies from the healthcare administrative process, by offering expertly crafted claim decisions at a revolutionary price, while leading the way with information interoperability.
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Every idea starts with a problem; the tools and services that support healthcare administration are too expensive and unsustainable. It turns out that there is a common theme. The revenue cycle industry is dominated by a few large companies that have been able to keep prices artificially high, while reaping huge profits from healthcare providers who don’t have many options.

We started Etyon Health as an alternative.

Knowledge and more

In the same way that Quicken and TurboTax made home finance more automated and less complex for consumers, Etyon Health’s mission is to radically simplify the revenue cycle side of the house for healthcare providers.
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Better knowledge, better care

Our algorithmic decision engines serve as a financial flywheel for revenue cycle leaders, helping them continuously improve how they plan, analyze and improve key RCM activities allowing valuable resources to focus on what they do best. Manage patient care.
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Who's leading Etyon Health

Our team at Etyon Health has over 50 years of revenue cycle experience leading change for health systems, IDN's, academic medical centers and more. We come from a diverse background including HBI, Fiserv, Deloitte, TransUnion Healthcare and The Advisory Board to name a few.
Disrupting the tradition

Getting the business model right

It's our goal to deliver high quality information at an affordable cost, leveraging advancements in machine learning A.I to drive down costs. At the same time, we are funding changing how that information is delivered to drive deep insights and sustainable decisions.
Future Forward

We've got the drive, the vision and the passion to move RCM forward.

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