Let's answer some questions

Have questions about Etyon Health? We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I subscribe to Etyon Health?

It's simple. The Etyon Health engine approach to optimization gives you the power too rapidly identify and improve operational processes. Easily analyze your data and integrate the enriched outputs into your own visual analytics and workflow tools to save hours, time and time again. Use Etyon Health to achieve consistency within and throughout your healthcare processes.

How much is a subscription to Etyon Health and where can I subscribe to them?

Etyon Health engine subscriptions range from $2.5K a month to $20K a month depending on the size and complexity of your organization.

You can subscribe to our subscriptions by emailing sales@etyon.com.

Do you offer support for using this subscription?

If you're experiencing issues with a subscription or notice something isn't working as intended, please drop us a line. Our support available extends to technical issues and the intended working order of our engines.

You can contact us through the  support channel by emailing support@etyon.com.

Are all the engine subscriptions customizable?

All of our components and engine templates were built by Etyon Health. That means you can customize them as much as you would like to drive the localized results you are looking for.

Ready to make your entire enterprise more effective?

Etyon Health is more than code - when you use our subscriptions you get a playbook for success!