We are smarter together.

A smart community that amplifies the effects of machine learning to allow us to work through problems, learn, and help each other save time and money along the way.
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A better way to share knowledge

Our community-driven revenue cycle knowledge transfer approach allows us to learn about performance issues from the community a provide access to improved process variation, risk decision, claim recommendation and more by making the algorithms smarter over time.

Powered with smart technology

In the same way consultants and best-practice companies transfer "best-practice" knowledge manually, our digital-brains automate this process and serve as a more efficient way to transfer the same knowledge, while transfer the savings in the form of lower costs.

Augment internal expertise

Get the internal information you require without all the costs. We allow organization to shift to on expandable, “on-demand” algorithmic approach to help in areas where deeper expertise or less frequent manual intervention is required.

Transform your organization

From reducing time in the business office to eliminating hours staff spend analyzing outcomes, our AI layer is built to allow hospitals to boost productivity and transform operations, fast.

Outperform the industry

As industry financial burdens continue to mount, we provide organizations with the ability to get more creative, innovative and strategic when working to generate revenue, capture more cash and outperform the market.