Why choose Etyon Health?

Built for returns, optimized for cost.

Our Approach

Platform and Tool Agnostic

Expert information deployed across multiple tools; including the EMR, visual performance and other reports and dashboards that drive sustained reporting and workflows.

Benefits of automating your intake, discovery and deployment of expertly crafted, data-driven information.

Save Time

Automation removes the slow, manual, administrative work from the process, enabling rapid insights as well as quick and easy data refreshes.

Increase Accuracy

With Etyon's engines behind the process, our clients can tune and adjust the engines to achieve outputs of the highest accuracy.

Deeper Insights

Our algorithmic engines are built too to reveal insights manual analysis simply can't achieve.

Lower Costs

In most cases, we can offer the full value of our engine for a fraction of the cost of an employee salary.

Reduced Risk

With intelligent mapping rules, data is pulled automatically from source files, reducing the risk of human error.
What are the benefits of faster and more repetitive time-to-insight?
EHRs capture so much data and despite manual analysis procedures, operational and financial leaders are still constrained in their ability to perform high level, roll-up analysis or drill down into important details that would explain variances. The trick is translating that data into information. Algorithmic analysis accelerates time-to-insight and accuracy by over 100X.

Why is it better than traditional analytics?
Traditional, manual analytics is good at consuming and reactively reporting on existing data elements, but leaves room for interpretation due to the variable human effort. Our A.I-enabled decision engines augment internal processes by transforming how best-practice information is developed, interpreted and shared across platforms and tools.
Why is it a better way to share knowledge?
In the same way consultants and best-practice companies transfer "best-practice" knowledge manually, our algorithmic engines automate this process and serve as a more efficient way to transfer the same knowledge. We pass on that efficient to our clients in the form of lower costs. We call it tech-enabled, community-driven knowledge sharing.
How does an algorithmic approach reduce costs?
On addition to enriching data 100X faster, producing 95% more accurate results and being able to use that information wherever you want it, algorithmic engines can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of doing these tasks manually - usually 60% less.
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