Accuracy and Speed Matter

Next Generation

Do more with less, in less time.

Since intensive manual effort often reaps only murky insights, our algorithmic engines act like digital-brains, supporting decision makers by automatically analyzing claim data, diagnosing issues, and recommending courses of action.

Embedded Intelligence

Information is Everything.

Built to enrich.

 Replicating how humans gather and analyze data.

Continuum Data Services

Disparate data source integration.

We bring together disparate data to build a powerful source of truth for any healthcare enterprise.
We are experts at creating single source data marts, "The smart asset" by bringing together disparate data sources such at ATB, transactions, charges, 835, ADT, 270, payroll, expense, patient experience data and more to create one version of "information truth" across small and large healthcare enterprises.
Powered with Intuitive A.I.

Automated Data Analysis.

Doing in seconds what takes consultants and analysts hours to do.
EHRs capture so much data and despite manual analysis procedures, operational and financial leaders are still constrained in their ability to perform high level, roll-up analysis or drill down into important details that would explain variances. The trick is translating that data into information. Algorithmic analysis accelerates time-to-insight and accuracy by over 100X.

In the same way consultants and best-practice companies transfer "best-practice" knowledge manually, our algorithmic engines automate this process and serve as a more efficient way to transfer the same knowledge. We pass on that efficient to our clients in the form of lower costs. We call it tech-enabled, community-driven knowledge sharing.
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Augmented Analytics

Deeper, Accelerated Insights.

Best Practice insights deployed inside your analytic visual tool.
Since we are platform and tool agnostic, we can deploy our enriched insights across multiple visual analytics tools. We support a variety of tools, so our clients can maintain and augment the solution they have and love with the operational stories needed to take swift action.
Embedded Intelligence

Smart Recommendations that drive optimal performance.

In the tools you use daily.
We help our customers make their operations more efficient by utilizing the enriched information our engines produce, natively in the EMR / PAS to streamline operations, avoid unnecessary re-work and improve quality of staff touches through business rule optimization.
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How to use AI to solve problems

Want more ways to drive value
Apex Engine

AI-enabled A/R risk segmentation and outsourcing

Workload Assignment for appeals and follow-up.
Matter Engine

Process Mining and Key Indicator Anomaly Detection

Find and resolve process inefficiency fast and accurately
You can't manage and prevent what you can't see.

Business Process Engineering

Improve end-to-end revenue cycle processes from front-office to back-office to strategic support functions.
Cosmic Engine

AI-enabled cash and revenue predictions.

Cash reserve prediction and data modeling
You getting the investment returns you deserve?
Prism Engine

Payment Variation Analysis

Are your insurance companies paying you correctly?
Lumen Engine

Productivity Matters.

Work with superior confidence.
Are your employees working at their optimal performance?

Built with intuitive A.I.

Our proprietary, engines are a series of expertly crafted machine learning algorithms that automate the data intake, analysis, and decision making process, allowing for rapid deployment of enriched information across multiple platforms and tools. Rapidly gain high-quality, actionable insights from data, save hours in staff time and maintain information consistency across platforms and tools

Built for performance.

  The ultimate optimization toolkit for healthcare providers of all sizes.