How it works

Optimizing with Etyon is simple.


Better Data.

Connect multiple sources of data to form and enable a single, high quality source of truth.


Better Information.

Enrich data with machine learning algorithms to automate the data analysis process.


Better Actions.

Deploy information throughout visual tools and workflows to sustain performance.

Getting started with Intuitive A.I

It has never been easier to be an AI-driven enterprise.
This is AI that works today!
Step 1

Start Here.

It's risk-free and no long-term subscription required.
  • 1
    Sign-up Risk Free
  • 2
    Execute BAA
  • 3
    Send Us Some Data
Step 2

Data Assurance

We ensure you have high quality data.
  • We do a quality check
  • Advice on any changes
  • Reconcile Outputs
Step 3

AI Processing.

We apply the magic here.
  • 1
    Process data asset
  • 2
    We do a quality check
  • 3
    Send you the enriched outputs
Step 4

Visual Stories.

We help explain the data with the right stories.
  • 1
    Define the audience
  • 2
    Leverage RCM Expertise
  • 3
    Design in your analytics tool
Step 5

Deploy to Sustain.

We help you hardwire the outputs.
  • Define workflows to sustain
  • Automate data reciept
  • Optimize business rules
HIPAA Secure.
We are a HIPAA secure organization, so no need to worry about PHI.
Cloud or On-Premise Deployment.
We deploy our AI either within our Cloud or On-premise in your own servers.
Premium Support.
All of our algorithmic engines come with 40+ years of revenue cycle expertise when you need it.

Built with intuitive A.I.

Our proprietary, engines are a series of expertly crafted machine learning algorithms that automate the data intake, analysis, and decision making process, allowing for rapid deployment of enriched information across multiple platforms and tools. Rapidly gain high-quality, actionable insights from data, save hours in staff time and maintain information consistency across platforms and tools