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AI-enabled Healthcare Solutions

Spectro Engine

AI-enabled market opportunity detection.

Helping uncover revenue opportunities across portfolios, services and test mixes.
With our Spectro Engine, leader can maximize test and service mix revenue based on factors such as expected return, minimizes costs and mitigates financial risk.
Cosmic Engine

AI-enabled revenue, expense, and cash predictions.

Enabling better strategic planning and investment returns.
With our Cosmic Engine, leaders can monitor and measure the accuracy of cash forecasts across all areas of a forecast with drill down department and service / test line item detail.
Apex Engine

AI-enabled A/R risk segmentation and outsourcing.

Enabling better workload assignment for appeals and follow-up.
With our Apex Engine, leaders should expect a 2-3 day reduction in A/R and a 1-2 day reduction in unbilled or DNFB days. with the Etyon Health approach.
Matter Engine

Key Indicator Anomaly Detection.

For Operations Mining and Business Process Engineering
With our Matter Engine, leaders can improve the speed at which they make preventative decisions to optimize resource utilization, insurance and patient workflows. Leaders should expect a 1-2% net patient revenue uplift by managing denials more effectively with the Etyon Health approach.
Polar Engine

AI-enabled patient financial determinations.

Enabling better visibility into patient segmentation, payment ability, risk and timing.
With our Polar Engine, leaders should expect a 3-7% reduction in patient bad debt and 5 days reduction in A/R with the Etyon Health approach.
Radar Engine

AI-enabled credit balance discovery and resolution.

Enabling effective resolution and automation of outstanding credit balances.
With our Radar Engine, healthcare providers can resolve credit balances faster with higher rule accuracy, allowing teams to focus on higher value work stream activities.
Lumen Engine

AI-enabled productivity measurement.

Enabling rapid performance measurement to improve touches, collections and more.
With our Lumen Engine, Healthcare leaders should expect a 15% increase in employee productivity and 10% reduction in labor costs with our approach.

Prism Engine

AI-enabled payment variation detection.

Helping discover underpayments and improve contract performance.
With our Prism Engine, leaders should expect a payment percentage increase of 2% utilizing our approach to improving contract variation and performance.
Frequency Engine

AI-enabled administrative detection.

Helping discover fraud, waste and abuse.
With our Frequency Engine, we help healthcare leaders prevent fraud before it happens by actively identifying and predicting utilization, billing and excess services that put organizations at a higher risk for regulatory and financial loss.
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Optimize your revenue cycle process with algorithmic engines.

Automatically analyze and enrich raw data.
Codifying and classifying input data from a wide variety of healthcare claims data sources.
The power of machine learning to learn, measure and track performance over-time.
Quickly learn from data, identify and understand new and emerging patterns.
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