Our algorithmic decision engines are purposely built to replicate human intelligence and reduce the time between analysis and decision availability and increasing the ability to share information across multiple platforms and tools.


We make sure you have an amazing data foundation and expertly crafted logic.

It all starts with the data. Forget multiple excel sheets or ad-hoc databases; we make extracting and storing your revenue cycle data -asset accessible and understandable. From transactional, charges to 837 to 277, we make it easy to drive meaningful analysis from raw data sources.

And whether we run our algorithms on your internal servers or in our cloud, every algorithmic decision output can be shared accurately, via ETL, API or HL7, eliminating redundant and time-consuming interoperability challenges.


We'll customize our algorithmic decision engines to your specific needs.

Your risk, your revenue cycle priorities, your processes are not necessarily the same as everyone else's in the in the market. That is why we start by customizing all of our algorithmic decision engines to you, your history and your needs.

Learn more about our algorithmic decision engines and how we put the insights they derive to work across your revenue cycle.
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We'll help you put your best-practice insights to work.

We use our expert services to help deploy your enriched content across multiple platforms and tools to help you deliver stories and prescriptive insights for action in the way you need them to drive tangible ROI – We call it embedded intelligence.

Whether they are used to augment best-practice process improvement analysis, reports, and strategies with targeted, pinpoint accuracy, or to deployed inside EMR's to augment workflow rules or even to just craft expert, summarized user inside existing analytics platforms and visual dashboard tools. We've got you covered.

Optimize Process Improvement

Boost Operational Efficiency

Enhance KPI and Analytic Efforts

Our insights help you quickly identify potential areas of improvement to reduce variation and capture more cash across revenue cycle operational activities.
We help ensure you are maximizing their claim touches, and work-queue follow-up performance ensuring you capture the most cash for the lowest possible cost.
Our insights help you augment your performance analytics and monthly financial reporting processes to keep you up to date on changing revenue cycle dynamics.

You pay one low, monthly fee.

No long-term contract commitments. No contingency fees on financial improvements. If only every revenue cycle engagement was this simple.

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or about $85 dollars for every $1,000,000 in NPR

Do more for your revenue cycle, for less.

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