How algorithmic technology works

Our algorithmic engine approach is designed to optimize revenue cycle technology workflow business rules, standardize decision making for enterprise-wide revenue cycle reporting and analytics and help redesign central business office revenue cycle processes by reducing overlap in redundant manual tasks.
Step 1

We plugin your data

Blend, link and mashup all kinds of revenue cycle and non-revenue cycle data. From ADT, 277, transactions, charges, 835, social determinantes, to clinical outcomes, we make parsing and integrating data assets, easy.
Step 2

We tailor our engines

Algorithms can work with all kinds of data, but we add a little common sense to the equation. We help bridge that best-practice gap, by tailoring our algorithmic engines specifically to your organization.
Step 3

We automatically analyze your data

Our algorithmic engines act like digital-brains, supporting decision makers by automatically analyzing claim data, diagnosing issues, and recommending courses of action.
Step 3

We create enriched information

Our algorithmic engines enrich claim data by refining the data that existed before, adding new attributes and predicting attributes before they happen.
Step 4

We embed into analytics

Standardize a platform for enterprise-wide revenue cycle reporting and analytics augmented with smart recommendations and prescriptive decisions.
Step 5

We optimize workflow(s)

Standardize revenue cycle technology workflow, reporting, policies and procedures and Implement advanced, exception-driven, revenue cycle workflow rules to support and automate functions.

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Algorithmic Analysis

Machine learning algorithms transform massive amounts of claim data into actionable insights, lighting fast.

Embedded Intel

Rapidly take informed and data-driven action and use it to drive meaningful value in multiple platforms and tools, not just one.