Maximizing service and test portfolios

with better information

We help improve RCM performance, reimbursement and financial viability for laboratory operations.

Helping laboratories overcome data, system and revenue cycle process constraints, with better reporting tools, and precise data and metrics to help accurately evaluate operating performance, demonstrate profitability and value, identify areas needing improvement and guide the best business decisions.

For Executives

Strategic, sales and market growth insights to maximize revenue and reduce costs.

For Finance

Deep insights into cash risk, test profitability, and reimbursement.

For Operations

Ensure high quality data and information controls for trials and studies.

Maximizing Lab value

We help drive maximum lab value by routinely monitoring and evaluating key cost, revenue and performance indicators, so labs can apply a business discipline to managing their operations efficiently.

Portfolio Performance

With our Spectro Engine, healthcare leaders should expect to increase per test revenue and cash capture by 15% utilizing this approach.


With our Lumen Engine, Healthcare leaders should expect a 15% increase in employee productivity and 10% reduction in labor costs with our approach.


With our Apex Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 2-3 day reduction in A/R and a 1-2 day reduction in unbilled or DNFB days. with the Etyon Health approach.

The right test information

Paid and Expected Reimbursement

Our algorithmic engines provide the visibility for segregating and following up on balance owed, so clerical staff don't accept partial payments as payments in full.

Managing Regulation

Our deep insights help lower reimbursement pressures arising from regulatory changes of all types, including PAMA and the Accountable Care Act, and serve as the backbone to ensuring financial viability.

HIPAA Compliant

Protect patient data while analyzing and predicting claim outcomes. Our engines are specifically designed to meet healthcare privacy and security standards.

Cost Effective

Reduce lab costs and increase operational efficiency from day one. The Etyon Health approach is designed to reduce traditional costs by 60%.


Combining "best-practice" reasoning with mathematical models creates a highly reliable and repeatable foundation to drive enterprise decisions.

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