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We help administrations do more with less to lower costs, improve cash collections and increase efficiency.

It’s time to go in a new revenue cycle direction. Etyon Health has the algorithmic tools to get the job done — the right way. Quickly. Efficiently. Easily. With every claim analyzed, we’re helping hospitals build better financial outcomes.

For Executives

Strategic, operational and financial insights at the lowest possible cost to drive profitability growth.

For Operations

Actionable claim insights, too quickly adjust denial decisions, A/R, staffing and process improvement efforts.

For Analytics

Automated, scalable, pre-trained best-practice decision algorithms that give high, focused, repeatable accuracy.

For hospitals of any size

Built for data processing, calculation, and automated reasoning on front, middle and back-office revenue cycle processes to increase annual net patient revenue, decreased denials leading to reduced avoidable write-offs and accelerate cost reductions.

Denial Management

With our Matter Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 1-2% net patient revenue uplift by managing denials more effectively with the Etyon Health approach.

Accounts Recievable

With our Apex Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 2-3 day reduction in A/R and a 1-2 day reduction in unbilled or DNFB days. with the Etyon Health approach.

Labor Productivity

With our Lumen Engine, Healthcare leaders should expect a 15% increase in employee productivity and 10% reduction in labor costs with our approach.

Patient Payment

With our Polar Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a 3-7% reduction in patient bad debt and 5 days reduction in A/R with our approach.

Payor Performance

With our Prism Engine, healthcare leaders should expect a payment percentage increase of 2% utilizing our approach.

Patient Experience

With our X-ray Engine, healthcare leaders should see a 5% increase in patient satisfaction utilizing our social determinate approach.

Denials Management

Find out how we drove $65,000,000 in new cash in under three years, with our algorithmic approach.

Accounts Receivable

Find out how we reduced accounts receivable by $400,000,000 dollars in 9 months with our algorithmic approach.

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Tailored to your needs

Different processes, payers, populations, service and test mixes make you and your needs unique. We help bridge that gap, by tailoring our algorithmic engines specifically to your organization for what's best for you locally and how you interact on a daily basis.

HIPAA Compliant

Protect patient data while analyzing and predicting claim outcomes. Our engines are specifically designed to meet healthcare privacy and security standards.

Cost Effective

Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency from day one. The Etyon Health approach is designed to reduce traditional costs by 60%.


Combining "best-practice reasoning with mathematical models creates a highly reliable and repeatable foundation to drive enterprise decisions.

You pay one low, monthly fee.

No long-term contract commitments. No contingency fees on financial improvements. If only every revenue cycle engagement was this simple.

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or about $85 dollars for every $1,000,000 in NPR