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Algorithmic decisions driven by AI for every type of revenue cycle leader for strategic process improvement, analytics, workflow and more.

Why embedded intelligence

Focus improvement

Deep insights help quickly identify potential areas of improvement to reduce variation and capture more cash across revenue cycle operational activities.

Boost Efficiency

Smart recommendations help maximize claim touches, and follow-up performance, ensuring you capture the most cash for the lowest possible cost.

Enhance Analytics

Algorithms reduce human dependency to combine and correct data, intelligently map data, spot anomalies, and make smart recommendations.

The right information everywhere

Data agnostic

Forget multiple excel sheets or ad-hoc databases; we make extracting and storing your revenue cycle data -asset accessible and understandable. From transactions, charges, ADT, 837, to 277, we make it easy to drive meaningful analysis from raw data sources.

Platform agnostic

Embedded intelligence allows information to be used across platforms such as Epic, Tableau, MicroStrategy and more. Since our algorithms don't have a user interface, we make it easy to interoperate insights to make other people and systems smarter.

Different by Design

Today, healthcare leaders need the ability to instantly discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven action and use it to drive meaningful value in multiple platforms and tools, not just one. But our goal was never to be different, just better.

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