Data Modernization.

More than a database, Etyon Heath deploys smart logic, intelligent mappings and quality assurance to make sure your data asset and "single source of truth" can be used intelligently across the enterprise.

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Hospital and Professional
HIPAA Compliant
Cloud or On-Premise Deployment
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DAta automation solutions

Data Mappings

Leverage our robust revenue cycle data mappings libraries to facility accurate matching of claim types, denial response codes and more.

835 / 837 Parsing

Leverage our pre-built parsing engines to quickly turn your 835's and 837's into readable and manageable files for analysis.

Data Integration

We help automate the process of querying and integrating disparate data sources into one robust multi-source "data asset".

Data Logic

We help customize true and false logic (Boolean) across data sources to reduce noise and create attribution in your data assets.

Quality Assurance

We help discover inconsistencies and other anomalies in the data, as well as performing data cleansing activities to improve the data quality.

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Data points integrated and managed
HB and PB Transactional outcomes analyzed
Largest multi-source system integration project to date
Years of healthcare data expertise

Integrating 13 different source files across 4 EMR's and 9 source systems.

Creating one source of information truth across the revenue cycle.

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Deploying AI automation practically, to drive meaningful RCM value.

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