Full Analytics Outsourcing

Create a high performing information engine.

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Leverage all of the people, processes and technology that Etyon has to offer and get access to an efficient, fast and knowledgable full-sourced analytics function in days, not months.

Everything in one package

Our revenue cycle analytics experts combine data, business processes, state-of-the-art IT tools and algorithms that enable hospitals to drive deeper, interactive and more meaningful insights with their data for executive reporting, operational management and strategic decision making.

Best-in-class Data Management
Advanced Machine Learning
Best-Practice RCM Analysis
Standard and Custom Dashboards
Dedicated Analysis Teams
On-demand Support
The reasons to opt for data analytics outsourcing

A ready-to-run service

Service deployment usually takes under 6 weeks, to structure your data, access deep revenue cycle reports and get the value out of your data. For comparison, the design and implementation of an in-house BI solution that would enable the same reporting can take from 6 to 8 months.

Industry-specific best practices

We work on your requirements for reporting and brings in RCM industry-specific best practices. We provide detailed consultations on what kind of reports will bring more insights, what data sources should be used to create such insightful reports and much more.

Technology expertise

We'll figure out what technologies to choose to process the data you have and with the performance you require. We have hands-on experience implementing, integrating and managing different business intelligence and big data technologies.

Process expertise

With 40+ years of revenue cycle expertise, we provide optimal revenue performance strategies and bring deep experience along with leading edge best-practices for any revenue cycle analysis need.

Deploying AI automation practically, to drive meaningful RCM value.