Do more with less resources, in less time.

Since intensive manual effort often reaps only murky insights, our algorithmic engines act like digital-brains, supporting decision makers by automatically analyzing claim data, diagnosing issues, and recommending courses of action.

What are algorithmic engines?

Our proprietary, engines are a series of expertly crafted machine learning algorithms that automate the data intake, analysis, and decision making process, allowing for rapid deployment of enriched information across multiple platforms and tools.

Rapidly gain high-quality, actionable insights from data

Save hours in staff time

Maintain information consistency across platforms and tools

You might have the data, but how fast can you make meaning of it?

Traditional, manual analytics is good at consuming and reactively reporting on existing data elements, but leaves room for interpretation due to the variable human effort. Our A.I-enabled decision engines augment internal processes by transforming how best-practice information is developed, interpreted and shared across platforms and tools.

Producing complete, high-quality information

Deploying propriatey technology and algorithms

Using intuitive A.I and deep analytical capabilities

Smart recommendations that drive optimal performance.

Lack of quality information leads to sub-optimized workflows, so we help our customers make their healthcare operations more efficient by utilizing the enriched information our engines produce to streamline operations, avoid unnecessary re-work and improve quality of staff touches.

Improving Net Revenue Yield

Increasing Revenue Capture

Making operations more efficient

Benefits of automating your intake, discovery and deployment of expertly crafted, data-driven information.

Faster and more repetitive time-to-insight
Powered with Smart Technology
Significant reduction in administrative costs
Faster and more repetitive time-to-insight

EHRs capture so much data and despite manual analysis procedures, operational and financial leaders are still constrained in their ability to perform high level, roll-up analysis or drill down into important details that would explain variances. The trick is translating that data into information. Algorithmic analysis accelerates time-to-insight and accuracy by over 100X.

A Better Way to Share Knowledge

In the same way consultants and best-practice companies transfer "best-practice" knowledge manually, our algorithmic engines automate this process and serve as a more efficient way to transfer the same knowledge. We pass on that efficient to our clients in the form of lower costs. We call it tech-enabled, community-driven knowledge sharing.

Algorithmitize to reduce costs.

On addition to enriching data 100X faster, producing 95% more accurate results and being able to use that information wherever you want it, algorithmic engines can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of doing these tasks manually - usually 60% less.

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