Do more with less resources

Our algorithmic engines act like digital-brains, supporting decision makers by automatically analyzing claim data, diagnosing issues, and recommending courses of action.

Why deploy algorithmic engines

Fast insights

Algorithmic analysis accelerates time-to-insight and accuracy by over 100X.

Lower Costs

The approach is 60% less cost than traditional manual approaches.

Learn over time

Leverage machine learning to easily pivot as outcomes change over time.

Tailored to your needs

Algorithms can make people, processes and systems smarter, but we add a little common sense into the equation. We help bridge that gap, by tailoring our algorithmic engines specifically to your organization.

Algorithmic engines at a glance

Never manually analyze healthcare data again.


Simply plug our algorithmic decision engines into your existing data assets.


MLE algorithms transform massive amounts of claim data into actionable insights.


We use our embedded intelligence model to help interoperate our insights across tools.

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