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We aim to build healthcare processes that inspire future advancement, not frustrate about lost opportunities.

Data Strategy

Our team of highly qualified consultants can ensure your data is structured and integrated in a manner to effectively analyze, collaborate and report on enterprise initiatives.

Data Architecture
Data Integration
Data Modeling

Continuous Improvement

With over 40+ years of revenue cycle consulting experience, our team of experts can help assess the strengths and weaknesses of any revenue cycle process and provide expert recommendations on how to streamline and improve the people, processes and technology that support them.

Qualitative and Quantitative Process Optimization
KPI Design and Measurement
Organizational Alignment

Analytics Design

Our team of revenue cycle professionals are experts at transforming data into information that provides profit-maximizing business insight for any revenue cycle operation.

Analytics Utilization
Dashboard and Report Creation
Visual Tool Training
addtional services

Pricing Transparency

Our experts provide strategic guidance to help revenue cycle leaders research, design and execute a best-in-class price transparency plan.

Revenue Cycle Assessments

We help healthcare leaders assess the qualitative and quantitative impact of their operations to determine short, midrange and long-term strategic direction.

Contract Management

Our team has the expertise needed to analyze and enhance how your payor contracts are structured, managed, and reviewed.

Revenue Cycle Strategy

With years of revenue cycle expertise, we provide optimal revenue performance strategies and bring deep experience along with leading edge best-practices for any revenue cycle.

Deploying AI automation practically, to drive meaningful RCM value.